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Tears to Tiara: More Hints

10:46 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (5)

Tears to Tiara Watch & Win will soon be over. I've already got all 4 codes. (^_^) Have sent them already. Now, just fingers cross who's the lucky mini laptop winner...

Anyway, I think I'm gonna give more hints. You'll have until May 25 to solve em. (PS: If you don't know anything about this quiz, please go to my previous post)


All codes related to RPG world, you know, like "castle" or "spear"... oh my God, I've said enough!

Alright, go ahead unscramble and send em to stand a chance to winning a mini laptop! Remember, leave comment here when you win (^_~)

:: May 20, 2009 ::


LaMB Inspired Music by Kristel

8:55 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (1)

Kristel from the Philippines have made an original Japanese song inspired by LaMB! I just have a visit to its Youtube. Quite a beautiful song and lyric. To me, this song is much better to fit LaMB than what Animax had chosen for its theme songs... It has the atmoshphere of anime.

A ballad version of this song can be a nice insert or BGM for some scene in LaMB. I can really picture that.

Listen to the song on
As for the lyric

:: May 5, 2009 ::


Tears to Tiara: A mini laptop giveaway

8:06 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (12)

You know what? Animax has launched so many quizzes these days! Tears to Tiara minilaptop giveaway is one of them.

The rule is very simple. Simply watch Tears to Tiara every Monday at 12.35 am (Sunday 11.35 pm WIB) for 4 weeks in a row from April 24 - May 25. There'll be a code revealed in each episode, collect all 4 of them, then send them to You'll stand a chance of winning a minilaptop (yup, that Acer one), limited edition of Tears to Tiara t-shirts and posters.

Easy, huh?

Now, for I'm 2 weeks behind to announce it, I'll give you the first 2 codes so that you can catch up the next two! I don't mind coz it's a random winner quiz... luck plays a lot of role here. How about that? (^_^)

The first 2 codes are:

Hey, wait a sec, what ON EARTH are those? Yeah, I shuffled the letters from the original code. Have a play a little, 'kay? (^_~) The words will be so closely related to Tears to Tiara world, you know, that sort of RPG kind of world...

Now you've got 2 codes in hand, watch Animax and grab for the next 2! In case you win, don't forget to write something here, deal? (^_~)

For more info go check

:: May 4, 2009 ::