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Manga Scan Source

11:38 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (2)

Been wandering around looking for old manga scans (happy to find Candy Candy and Miriam), I end up reading and downloading a LOT of manga scan... (^^); I do prefer to have a tangible collection of manga rather than just a "file", however sometimes I cannot rely on what's legally published in my country. Some old mangas are out of stock, some new mangas are not yet published... or some mangas are simply just not published for some reasons (like Futari Ecchi for instance... :P)

I'll list down some of my favorite manga scan sources where you can read online or download them for your collection.

Should you own a manga scan blog/web, do leave ur address in comment box, I'll add it.

Read online:
- Manga Fox :
- One Manga :

- Anime Eden :
Huge source for both manga scan & anime download. Register needed.
- Indowebster : [lang: Indonesian]
This forum has got quite large collection for both anime and manga scans. Register needed.
- Mangadownload :
Register needed.
- Stoptazmo :
No register needed.

Happy downloading (^_~)

:: June 17, 2009 ::


Hayate Watch & Win Quiz

9:02 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (2)

Following my previous post, Hayate The Combat Butler Watch & Win has been revealed. The rule is simple:

1. Watch Hayate The Combat Butler on Animax, Monday to Friday at 6 pm (SIN/PHIL) - that would be 5 pm WIB. From June 11 to June 26.
2. A mysterious butler will show up during commercial breaks, pay attention to his bow tie.
3. As soon as you've figured out where the bow tie is placed on him, send your answer together with your full name, ID number, and contact numbers) to
4. Do the same for the next episodes. There are 12 episodes with 12 answers then. The more correct entries you email, the higher chance of winning.

And the prize? Don't really get it, but it seems that the prize is having 1/2 day with a good-looking butler. The identity of that hunky butler will be revealed by the end of the contest. He can be anyone really, but he must be some famous male otherwise it won't worth anything (^^).

Ow, by the way, this quiz is for Southeast Asia residents. As always, go check for more info.

Hayate combat butler quiz

To be honest I'm not very in to it... hanging out with a famous guy is not very appealing to me... I'm the kind of tangible stuff hunter (^^);; so... I pass. But who knows he might be your idol? So, give it a shot and... Good luck everybody (^_~)

:: June 12, 2009 ::


[Yumiko Igarashi] Candy Candy Illustration I

9:18 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (2)

Ok, here's what happened. I'm in such a nostalgic mood. I'm trying to compile old stuff. Manga and anime included. However, I'm concentrated on manga or artbook which I can no longer find in nearby bookstores (Note: my nearby bookstores).

Today's feature is an artbook from one of my favorite manga Candy Candy. It was my first manga. While I was searching for the scanslation, I found this beautiful set of illustrations. Nice old goodies indeed (^_^)

I found it in Aethereality Gallery, there are so many gorgeous artbook scans there which you can treasure. I just take what I love most (^_^) If you want to take this artbook piece by piece, you can go there. If you want them all, download it from the link below (^_~)

Yumiko Igarashi Candy Candy Illustration I
Candy Candy Ia Candy Candy Icover Candy Candy Ib
Download here 21.35 MB


Hayate The Combat Butler Quiz

11:37 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (2)

Animax is about to launch another quiz... still mysteriously hidden. I think it's something like "Watch & Win" contest.

Stay tune on June 11 (on Hayate The Combat Butler premier, maybe) when it will announce further (^_^)

I'll watch it closely also (^_~)

hayate quiz

:: June 3, 2009 ::