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LaMB Redux

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Animax is planning to air LaMB Redux on Wednesday 09/09/09. It's basically LaMB from the perspectives of the characters. The voice actors and actresses are still from the original LaMB... so I don't know if it's going to be that different.

Don't expect much, but it's quite interesting to see what Aniamx has done after the original LaMB.

:: September 3, 2009 ::


Manga Scan Source

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Been wandering around looking for old manga scans (happy to find Candy Candy and Miriam), I end up reading and downloading a LOT of manga scan... (^^); I do prefer to have a tangible collection of manga rather than just a "file", however sometimes I cannot rely on what's legally published in my country. Some old mangas are out of stock, some new mangas are not yet published... or some mangas are simply just not published for some reasons (like Futari Ecchi for instance... :P)

I'll list down some of my favorite manga scan sources where you can read online or download them for your collection.

Should you own a manga scan blog/web, do leave ur address in comment box, I'll add it.

Read online:
- Manga Fox :
- One Manga :

- Anime Eden :
Huge source for both manga scan & anime download. Register needed.
- Indowebster : [lang: Indonesian]
This forum has got quite large collection for both anime and manga scans. Register needed.
- Mangadownload :
Register needed.
- Stoptazmo :
No register needed.

Happy downloading (^_~)

:: June 17, 2009 ::


Hayate Watch & Win Quiz

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Following my previous post, Hayate The Combat Butler Watch & Win has been revealed. The rule is simple:

1. Watch Hayate The Combat Butler on Animax, Monday to Friday at 6 pm (SIN/PHIL) - that would be 5 pm WIB. From June 11 to June 26.
2. A mysterious butler will show up during commercial breaks, pay attention to his bow tie.
3. As soon as you've figured out where the bow tie is placed on him, send your answer together with your full name, ID number, and contact numbers) to
4. Do the same for the next episodes. There are 12 episodes with 12 answers then. The more correct entries you email, the higher chance of winning.

And the prize? Don't really get it, but it seems that the prize is having 1/2 day with a good-looking butler. The identity of that hunky butler will be revealed by the end of the contest. He can be anyone really, but he must be some famous male otherwise it won't worth anything (^^).

Ow, by the way, this quiz is for Southeast Asia residents. As always, go check for more info.

Hayate combat butler quiz

To be honest I'm not very in to it... hanging out with a famous guy is not very appealing to me... I'm the kind of tangible stuff hunter (^^);; so... I pass. But who knows he might be your idol? So, give it a shot and... Good luck everybody (^_~)

:: June 12, 2009 ::


[Yumiko Igarashi] Candy Candy Illustration I

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Ok, here's what happened. I'm in such a nostalgic mood. I'm trying to compile old stuff. Manga and anime included. However, I'm concentrated on manga or artbook which I can no longer find in nearby bookstores (Note: my nearby bookstores).

Today's feature is an artbook from one of my favorite manga Candy Candy. It was my first manga. While I was searching for the scanslation, I found this beautiful set of illustrations. Nice old goodies indeed (^_^)

I found it in Aethereality Gallery, there are so many gorgeous artbook scans there which you can treasure. I just take what I love most (^_^) If you want to take this artbook piece by piece, you can go there. If you want them all, download it from the link below (^_~)

Yumiko Igarashi Candy Candy Illustration I
Candy Candy Ia Candy Candy Icover Candy Candy Ib
Download here 21.35 MB


Hayate The Combat Butler Quiz

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Animax is about to launch another quiz... still mysteriously hidden. I think it's something like "Watch & Win" contest.

Stay tune on June 11 (on Hayate The Combat Butler premier, maybe) when it will announce further (^_^)

I'll watch it closely also (^_~)

hayate quiz

:: June 3, 2009 ::


Tears to Tiara: More Hints

10:46 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (5)

Tears to Tiara Watch & Win will soon be over. I've already got all 4 codes. (^_^) Have sent them already. Now, just fingers cross who's the lucky mini laptop winner...

Anyway, I think I'm gonna give more hints. You'll have until May 25 to solve em. (PS: If you don't know anything about this quiz, please go to my previous post)


All codes related to RPG world, you know, like "castle" or "spear"... oh my God, I've said enough!

Alright, go ahead unscramble and send em to stand a chance to winning a mini laptop! Remember, leave comment here when you win (^_~)

:: May 20, 2009 ::


LaMB Inspired Music by Kristel

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Kristel from the Philippines have made an original Japanese song inspired by LaMB! I just have a visit to its Youtube. Quite a beautiful song and lyric. To me, this song is much better to fit LaMB than what Animax had chosen for its theme songs... It has the atmoshphere of anime.

A ballad version of this song can be a nice insert or BGM for some scene in LaMB. I can really picture that.

Listen to the song on
As for the lyric

:: May 5, 2009 ::


Tears to Tiara: A mini laptop giveaway

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You know what? Animax has launched so many quizzes these days! Tears to Tiara minilaptop giveaway is one of them.

The rule is very simple. Simply watch Tears to Tiara every Monday at 12.35 am (Sunday 11.35 pm WIB) for 4 weeks in a row from April 24 - May 25. There'll be a code revealed in each episode, collect all 4 of them, then send them to You'll stand a chance of winning a minilaptop (yup, that Acer one), limited edition of Tears to Tiara t-shirts and posters.

Easy, huh?

Now, for I'm 2 weeks behind to announce it, I'll give you the first 2 codes so that you can catch up the next two! I don't mind coz it's a random winner quiz... luck plays a lot of role here. How about that? (^_^)

The first 2 codes are:

Hey, wait a sec, what ON EARTH are those? Yeah, I shuffled the letters from the original code. Have a play a little, 'kay? (^_~) The words will be so closely related to Tears to Tiara world, you know, that sort of RPG kind of world...

Now you've got 2 codes in hand, watch Animax and grab for the next 2! In case you win, don't forget to write something here, deal? (^_~)

For more info go check

:: May 4, 2009 ::


Been Awhile... Blog Extended

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So LaMB turned out o be a disappointment to me, but still love Animax, so... I decided to maintain this blog. I'll use it as a hidden mansion for my passion to anime and manga and everything in between... (^_^)

I think I'll keep the banner since it's very very beautiful... I'm such a Photoshop mess, so it took me a lot of effort to make that one (^_^); It was my first Photoshop work. I'll keep the template... And of course I'll keep the URL since it's gained PR2... (^_^);

Not so much for now, come again soon, kay? (^_~)

:: April 28, 2009 ::


LaMB Part 1

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Alrighty, this is it... this is the moment of truth.

LaMB Part 1 was finally aired last night. I should have watched it earlier on March 11 if I hadn't been hospitalized... (^_^)p Anyway, this is my review on this most anticipated anime in 2009...

First, I am disappointed due to the 1-hour movie format instead of anime series. LaMB as a story has got so much potential to become a successful anime series - one season of 20 to 26 episodes will do. There's sooo much to explore. Watching it in the first 30 minutes is like... watching a summary. Shortern, compacted, rough.

As an anime freak, I've watched quite a lot of animes. Based on that, I'd say that LaMB is... unfortunately... rough in all aspects.

The artwork, the music, the storyline, the dialogues, the scenes, the characters development... all of them... are rough, unpolished.

The artwork is not as beautiful as I imagined, after seeing so many official wallpapers of LaMB. Judging from the characters' movement, it is not a traditional animation, I don't know what you call it... CG or something? The facial expression is well... what can I say, it's dreadful.

The music doesn't compliment the scene. The storyline is so much shorterned and compacted that the characters cannot develop and neither the story itself. The dialogues are unnatural, the voice acts are just... I don't know what to say anymore... Actors, actresses, singers... just be what you are now, please... Just let the professional dubbers do the job, 'kay?

I wish Animax would produce LaMB once again from scratch to become an anime series. Again, LaMB has got so much potential. The story is very intriguing, it has all it takes to match up with even that anime masterpiece Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's just too bad that the execution is poor.

My verdict is: 2.5 lambs out of 5

My suggestion in case Animax has a plan to remake LaMB:
1. Choose either a full beautiful CG like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (if beauty is all that matters) or simply traditional animation technique.
2. The music... It really doesn't compliment each scene... please do something about it.
3. Do something with the facial expression
4. The voice act... Japanese seiyuu-s know all the tricks, please leave it to them... I'm begging...
5. Pay more attention to the storyline and the characters development...

Am I too harsh on LaMB the movie? Well, after all the promotions, it is very natural for me to demand something smashing. When it didn't appear to be one, yeah I think I'm a bit too harsh... (^_^);

Let's wait for Part 2 next week...

:: March 25, 2009 ::


Wow! 2nd Prize! But... Am I Too Late?

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I just got back from the hospital after a month being stuck there. The operation was successful, the doctor said it was less complicated than it was first anticipated. Hard days of dueling the post operation pain has passed and now I feel like I'm reborn... :D

And I found this great news that this blog has been awarded 2nd Prize for Animax LaMB Blogging Contest! Yoohoo...!! Thanks Animax!

I don't know... am I too late to claim that cutie Sony PSP? I didn't get a chance of using my Opera Mini as much as I predicted so... Well... I'd like to get at least some LaMB goodie bags, though... :P

:: March 21, 2009 ::


Off a while [Operation Number 2]

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Hi all! Due to a series of pre-surgery conditioning, surgery, and post surgery treatment which I'm about to take, I'll be off for quite sometime. I'll be online once and awhile, though, coz I'll have my Opera Mini all the time - even in hospital (^_^)p

This is my 2nd surgery. I had a tumor removed in my 1st surgery - back in September 2008. I also got my small intestine and colon cut. But it was not over yet. I still have another smaller mass of tumor and cysts to be removed, and bowels to be joined (yup, they were cut and remain so for these whole 4 months... don't ask me how I deal with it). Pretty long routine, eh? Thank God the doctors are up to the idea of having those all three at the same time. I want to over it. I don't want to live surgery after surgery...

So I have to eat a lot, take lots of vitamins and have a little bit more rests to prepare me for the operation... Wish me luck, okay, and pray me I'll be home by the time LaMB is finally aired. It's just ridiculous if I'm so obsessed by LaMB but cannot see its premiere (^_^)

:: February 7, 2009 ::


Introducing [LaMBs Blogging Community]

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I'm new to blogging. This LaMB blog is actually my first blog, followed by Living Daisy - my personal blog. I dare say that if Animax hadn't launched a LaMB blogging contest I might not have started to blog (^_^); Since I've got so many things to catch up, I surf and blog and try to customize and tweak template a lot. Well I used to have my own personal website that I designed to look like a blog, back to a few years behind. But the real blogging is a bit different. The atmosphere, the coding, the community... it's all new to me, therefore it's very intriguing to explore. It's like having a new toy that you want to play, eat, and even sleep with it (^_^)p

And that brings me to the last must-entry I choose for this contest...

  • Choose a side. Are you for or against lamination?
Well, I will promote myself board member of a say no to lamination movement as LaMBs Community Coordinator, that should say it... ahaha (^_^);;

How would I do that? Like a glimpse I've given in my previous post Eve in Blue, by blogging. I'll have an underground movement by having a secretly designed blogging community. By joining our community, they'll get a special tool that allows them to blog secretly. LaMBs can barely speak, not to mention they can't express themselves. But somehow they will manage to blog everyday as a way of expressing and letting out their feelings which have been silently buried in their hearts. They'll share with the other LaMBs, and from there we will include them in a plan for movement. Our movement is basically trying to give their freedom back by finding a new way of handling prisoners.

The main issue for having such a community is safety and security. So we - the ALH - will have to build a special feature for LaMBs for them to blog. A feature that will reveal their true identity yet cover it from outsiders. We don't want our community to be filled with alias names which we can't guarantee that s/he really is a LaMB. But we don't want people outside our organization to know that the blogger is a LaMB either, because somehow we cannot protect the blogs from people to read. Outsiders apparently will see those blogs as personal blogs where some people with some common daily life problems. (Yes, we do have a system to convert any restricted terms such as "Shepherd", "CAB-Cerra", "lamination", etc, into safe phrases like "my boss", "my company", "the make up kit" (^_~) )

LaMBs are part of our movement, but we don't want the government to know it, not a bit. Because if they know it, they will notice that their system has a flaw, that a LaMB can actually do something secret behind their masters back. That their free-will is actually still there. And it'll make them more aware of our movement.

Well that's the plan so far.

Note that we don't have anything to do with Anti Lamination Hooligans, because although they are also trying to get LaMBs' trusts - off the record - we suspect that their mission is actually to get rid of all LaMBs. They hate LaMBs because they think those prisoners have no right to a second chance. So please define us from them (^_^)
Special Note:
After this, I'll slow down my pace a bit. See you when LaMB is finally aired! (^_~)

:: January 30, 2009 ::


Eve in Blue [Blogger Template]

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New wallpapers are available on Animax-LaMB official website. A picture of Eve really got me in to it. So much that I imagine... what if a LaMB had a blog? Yeah, they can barely speak but they can write, can't they? I imagine this is the way they would interact to each other and perhaps, later, organize some kind of movement against the government... ahaha... (^_^)p

It's arguable yet it's very captivating me and the next thing I know, I've made another simple Blogger template (^_^)

It's called Eve in Blue. I tried to capture the sadness and softness inside her. Hope u enjoy it as much as I did making it. Oh, I'm so in love with this newborn baby template... (^_^);

Features inside:
1. Read more ready to use
2. Inline comment is fully functioned
3. Favicon available
4. Best viewed in 1280x768

How to install:
1. Download the file, it's in zip file.
2. Extract it, then read and follow the instruction (in .txt file)
3. Happy blogging (^_~)

:: January 28, 2009 ::


LaMB-Eve [Blogger Template]

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The clock is ticking. I'm thrilled to know that LaMB is going to be on Animax soon. While waiting for this anime, I blog a lot... in my personal blog, though (^_^)p I'm a newbie in this blogging thing so I'm a bit too excited about it. But thanks to that, I found a lot of beautiful Blogger templates... which has driven me to try to make a free LaMB Blogger template Yes, it's for Blogger platform only since that's what I'm currently using and what I know better.

So here's my free LaMB Blogger template, featuring Eve. I know it's way way too simple, but hope u enjoy it.

How to install:
1. Download the file, it's in zip file.
2. Extract it, then read and follow the instruction (in .txt file)
3. Happy blogging (^_~)

:: January 24, 2009 ::


LaMB Wallpaper [Red Eve]

3:43 PM / Posted by dsy / comments (2)

LaMBs will soon be wandering around. Will you be scared to have prisoners spotted in ur neighborhood? Or excited to have one? I'd love to have a LaMB. In fact, I've already got one, in my monitor (^_^)p

Here's my first LaMB wallpaper; Red Eve. Enjoy my simple work. (^_~)

animax lamb wallpaperLaMB Wallpaper: Red Eve - 1280 x 768

:: January 14, 2009 ::


LaMB [Yahoo! Answer] Quiz

9:44 AM / Posted by dsy / comments (1)

Another LaMB quiz is launched!

There are 5 sets of autographed merchandise from Simple Plan available for the winners. All u have to do is answer a trivia question in Yahoo! Answer, and when u're done simply send ur Yahoo! Answer ID, full name, contact number and email address to For more details of course u can quickly go to Animax website.

Promotion period: January 9 - 31, 2009

lamb yahoo answer quiz:: January 14, 2009 ::