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LaMB Part 1

8:22 AM / Posted by dsy /

Alrighty, this is it... this is the moment of truth.

LaMB Part 1 was finally aired last night. I should have watched it earlier on March 11 if I hadn't been hospitalized... (^_^)p Anyway, this is my review on this most anticipated anime in 2009...

First, I am disappointed due to the 1-hour movie format instead of anime series. LaMB as a story has got so much potential to become a successful anime series - one season of 20 to 26 episodes will do. There's sooo much to explore. Watching it in the first 30 minutes is like... watching a summary. Shortern, compacted, rough.

As an anime freak, I've watched quite a lot of animes. Based on that, I'd say that LaMB is... unfortunately... rough in all aspects.

The artwork, the music, the storyline, the dialogues, the scenes, the characters development... all of them... are rough, unpolished.

The artwork is not as beautiful as I imagined, after seeing so many official wallpapers of LaMB. Judging from the characters' movement, it is not a traditional animation, I don't know what you call it... CG or something? The facial expression is well... what can I say, it's dreadful.

The music doesn't compliment the scene. The storyline is so much shorterned and compacted that the characters cannot develop and neither the story itself. The dialogues are unnatural, the voice acts are just... I don't know what to say anymore... Actors, actresses, singers... just be what you are now, please... Just let the professional dubbers do the job, 'kay?

I wish Animax would produce LaMB once again from scratch to become an anime series. Again, LaMB has got so much potential. The story is very intriguing, it has all it takes to match up with even that anime masterpiece Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's just too bad that the execution is poor.

My verdict is: 2.5 lambs out of 5

My suggestion in case Animax has a plan to remake LaMB:
1. Choose either a full beautiful CG like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (if beauty is all that matters) or simply traditional animation technique.
2. The music... It really doesn't compliment each scene... please do something about it.
3. Do something with the facial expression
4. The voice act... Japanese seiyuu-s know all the tricks, please leave it to them... I'm begging...
5. Pay more attention to the storyline and the characters development...

Am I too harsh on LaMB the movie? Well, after all the promotions, it is very natural for me to demand something smashing. When it didn't appear to be one, yeah I think I'm a bit too harsh... (^_^);

Let's wait for Part 2 next week...

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Anonymous on April 1, 2009 at 8:09 PM

Hey, first time here just to see your comments on LaMB. I felt as much disappointment as you did man. Anyway, the system they used doing this anime was Flash. So the animation is kinda crappy. Watched part two yesterday. It said to be continued but it also said full movie next week. I don't understand, did it end or what?
Oh, and I really do think that they rushed this anime. The story of this anime is really well written, I just hope that I can read the real story instead of watching it. It'd be way more real anyway.

pr4t4m468 on April 8, 2009 at 11:35 PM


i kinda dissapointed, when animax said, it was the most anticipated anime of 2009...

i watch lamb last night, its the same as i watched a flash movie or flash animation...

it really, really suck !!!


the first 30 minutes, was the intro, the next 15 minutes is the climax, and the next 15 minutes is the credit...


it should be in episodes, not one hour special...

really dissapointed...

Anonymous on May 1, 2009 at 12:58 AM

It is well dubbed. I don't know why you said that...

Comment by dsy on May 5, 2009 at 8:52 AM

Well, everybody has different taste.
Some people will find it quite nice. But really, for me, the LaMB voice acting is pretty much not catchy.
No emotion, bad intonation.
Like when Keiko said "Enough" as Jack asked about how many LaMBs there are... strange intonation.
Overall, strange dialogue.

The thing is, I think Animax had it all wrong.
To make a successful anime is not about how famous the voice actors are, or the band who sing the theme songs... or even the designer who design the clothing.
Honestly, who cares about all of these?
I mean, do you know who does Naruto's voice? Who does the clothing design? Unless you're so much in to anime, you'd probably won't notice.
It's all about the animation itself. When the animation is not good, then everything seems to fall apart...

But hey, it's their first, who knows that the next will be lot better? Let's just wait

Go Animax!

Anonymous on January 9, 2010 at 12:05 AM

More power to Animax, but I guess the Japan aneme skills are still top notch. I guess Lamb was overhiped because it was a Animax production, but they should stick to the traditional aneme medium. The story and animation is far from Naruto, Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist, 3 of the most rounded Anime with good story, good drawing/graphics and good voice overs. Why use flash as Anime when we all know the limitations of flash animation. Anemax should have consulted the fans first before pushing through the production. Please stop telling us its nice because its far from nice.

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