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Wow! 2nd Prize! But... Am I Too Late?

3:29 PM / Posted by dsy /

I just got back from the hospital after a month being stuck there. The operation was successful, the doctor said it was less complicated than it was first anticipated. Hard days of dueling the post operation pain has passed and now I feel like I'm reborn... :D

And I found this great news that this blog has been awarded 2nd Prize for Animax LaMB Blogging Contest! Yoohoo...!! Thanks Animax!

I don't know... am I too late to claim that cutie Sony PSP? I didn't get a chance of using my Opera Mini as much as I predicted so... Well... I'd like to get at least some LaMB goodie bags, though... :P

:: March 21, 2009 ::



Comment by dsy on March 28, 2009 at 12:36 PM

no, I'm not too late...!
got my PSP...! Thanks Animax..! :D

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