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Manga Scan Source

11:38 AM / Posted by dsy /

Been wandering around looking for old manga scans (happy to find Candy Candy and Miriam), I end up reading and downloading a LOT of manga scan... (^^); I do prefer to have a tangible collection of manga rather than just a "file", however sometimes I cannot rely on what's legally published in my country. Some old mangas are out of stock, some new mangas are not yet published... or some mangas are simply just not published for some reasons (like Futari Ecchi for instance... :P)

I'll list down some of my favorite manga scan sources where you can read online or download them for your collection.

Should you own a manga scan blog/web, do leave ur address in comment box, I'll add it.

Read online:
- Manga Fox :
- One Manga :

- Anime Eden :
Huge source for both manga scan & anime download. Register needed.
- Indowebster : [lang: Indonesian]
This forum has got quite large collection for both anime and manga scans. Register needed.
- Mangadownload :
Register needed.
- Stoptazmo :
No register needed.

Happy downloading (^_~)

:: June 17, 2009 ::



Comment by Ny Minute Now on June 18, 2009 at 6:44 AM

Hi, Dessy!

I blog-hopped my way here from I was wondering if you could teach me how you changed your background image? Thanks so much if ever!


Comment by Stephen on June 19, 2009 at 10:15 PM

hi, just drop by here.

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