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Hayate Watch & Win Quiz

9:02 AM / Posted by dsy /

Following my previous post, Hayate The Combat Butler Watch & Win has been revealed. The rule is simple:

1. Watch Hayate The Combat Butler on Animax, Monday to Friday at 6 pm (SIN/PHIL) - that would be 5 pm WIB. From June 11 to June 26.
2. A mysterious butler will show up during commercial breaks, pay attention to his bow tie.
3. As soon as you've figured out where the bow tie is placed on him, send your answer together with your full name, ID number, and contact numbers) to
4. Do the same for the next episodes. There are 12 episodes with 12 answers then. The more correct entries you email, the higher chance of winning.

And the prize? Don't really get it, but it seems that the prize is having 1/2 day with a good-looking butler. The identity of that hunky butler will be revealed by the end of the contest. He can be anyone really, but he must be some famous male otherwise it won't worth anything (^^).

Ow, by the way, this quiz is for Southeast Asia residents. As always, go check for more info.

Hayate combat butler quiz

To be honest I'm not very in to it... hanging out with a famous guy is not very appealing to me... I'm the kind of tangible stuff hunter (^^);; so... I pass. But who knows he might be your idol? So, give it a shot and... Good luck everybody (^_~)

:: June 12, 2009 ::



Anonymous on June 13, 2009 at 12:49 PM

Does he look for some yaoi-istic action? Kidding. Haha.

dsy on June 14, 2009 at 10:54 AM

haha... that's what I've been thinking also... what if the winner is a male? :P

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