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LaMB-Eve [Blogger Template]

4:30 PM / Posted by dsy /

The clock is ticking. I'm thrilled to know that LaMB is going to be on Animax soon. While waiting for this anime, I blog a lot... in my personal blog, though (^_^)p I'm a newbie in this blogging thing so I'm a bit too excited about it. But thanks to that, I found a lot of beautiful Blogger templates... which has driven me to try to make a free LaMB Blogger template Yes, it's for Blogger platform only since that's what I'm currently using and what I know better.

So here's my free LaMB Blogger template, featuring Eve. I know it's way way too simple, but hope u enjoy it.

How to install:
1. Download the file, it's in zip file.
2. Extract it, then read and follow the instruction (in .txt file)
3. Happy blogging (^_~)

:: January 24, 2009 ::



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