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Introducing [LaMBs Blogging Community]

10:59 AM / Posted by dsy /

I'm new to blogging. This LaMB blog is actually my first blog, followed by Living Daisy - my personal blog. I dare say that if Animax hadn't launched a LaMB blogging contest I might not have started to blog (^_^); Since I've got so many things to catch up, I surf and blog and try to customize and tweak template a lot. Well I used to have my own personal website that I designed to look like a blog, back to a few years behind. But the real blogging is a bit different. The atmosphere, the coding, the community... it's all new to me, therefore it's very intriguing to explore. It's like having a new toy that you want to play, eat, and even sleep with it (^_^)p

And that brings me to the last must-entry I choose for this contest...

  • Choose a side. Are you for or against lamination?
Well, I will promote myself board member of a say no to lamination movement as LaMBs Community Coordinator, that should say it... ahaha (^_^);;

How would I do that? Like a glimpse I've given in my previous post Eve in Blue, by blogging. I'll have an underground movement by having a secretly designed blogging community. By joining our community, they'll get a special tool that allows them to blog secretly. LaMBs can barely speak, not to mention they can't express themselves. But somehow they will manage to blog everyday as a way of expressing and letting out their feelings which have been silently buried in their hearts. They'll share with the other LaMBs, and from there we will include them in a plan for movement. Our movement is basically trying to give their freedom back by finding a new way of handling prisoners.

The main issue for having such a community is safety and security. So we - the ALH - will have to build a special feature for LaMBs for them to blog. A feature that will reveal their true identity yet cover it from outsiders. We don't want our community to be filled with alias names which we can't guarantee that s/he really is a LaMB. But we don't want people outside our organization to know that the blogger is a LaMB either, because somehow we cannot protect the blogs from people to read. Outsiders apparently will see those blogs as personal blogs where some people with some common daily life problems. (Yes, we do have a system to convert any restricted terms such as "Shepherd", "CAB-Cerra", "lamination", etc, into safe phrases like "my boss", "my company", "the make up kit" (^_~) )

LaMBs are part of our movement, but we don't want the government to know it, not a bit. Because if they know it, they will notice that their system has a flaw, that a LaMB can actually do something secret behind their masters back. That their free-will is actually still there. And it'll make them more aware of our movement.

Well that's the plan so far.

Note that we don't have anything to do with Anti Lamination Hooligans, because although they are also trying to get LaMBs' trusts - off the record - we suspect that their mission is actually to get rid of all LaMBs. They hate LaMBs because they think those prisoners have no right to a second chance. So please define us from them (^_^)
Special Note:
After this, I'll slow down my pace a bit. See you when LaMB is finally aired! (^_~)

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