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11:09 PM / Posted by dsy /

  • In LaMB, the process of lamination was first invented to preserve beauty until it evolved into a form of imprisonment. Would you commit a crime to stay young and beautiful?

There's always a price for beauty.

As a woman I know exactly how most women are always self concious about their look. And if there's a price for beauty, women would more than willing to pay it. From those lotions to cosmetics surgeries. If I ever see an advertisement like that in LaMB web manga 1st episode, sure I'd be at least curious.

LaMB Advert
- Lamination Advertisement by Paulino Industries -

But! If I had to commit a crime therefore I'd get laminated... gosh, that is way too crazy for me. Being in a lamination suit is the same, if not worse, like being behind bars! By reading the rules of lamination (available in Animax-LaMB website), you'd know that staying young and beautiful by lamination is insane. You'll become more like a slave, practically you can do nothing with your beauty. You might even never have time admiring your beauty on the mirror cause you're enslave all day long. You can't go on a date even if men are stunned by your beauty.

I'd say it's a useless beauty.

Really, I got goosebumps just by thinking about it...

:: December 7, 2008 ::



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