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Project i-LaMB [Start]

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.When it first buzzin'.

This LaMB thing has been intriguing since the first day of its advertisement on Animax. I pay my own cable so I get to decide on which channel it sticks, and it happens to be Animax (FYI, I'm an anime freak :P) So there's noway I possibly miss any advertisement there.

And one day, there was this advertisement. It was about recycling thing and it announced a website called At that time I thought, "Well, yeah, another go-green-campaign". I didn't pay too much attention to it, neither tried to ever visit that web address. (Was I such ignorance to recycling and save-the-planet thing? Dunno, can't figure :-P)

Then there came the second ad. It said something about "recycling criminals" called Lamination. Wow, that IS something. I got it instantly that it must be made up, not a real thing. A new story?

Yeah that was the beginning. It was when I started to dig in the net about this lamination creature.

.LaMB it is.

So LaMB is Animax' first animation project. Based on a 50-page script created by a Fillipino Carmelo S.J. Juinio who submitted the script into a script-writing contest called Animax Award in the year 2007. He didn't win the first prize, but he grabbed a Special Award for his talent shown in his writing.

The story itself is about a planet - Cerra - where there is no prison, because all prisoners have been undergone a slavery program called "Lamination". The prisoners then called LaMBs. Lamination is meant to keep criminals staying productive in society. But they are still criminals, therefore, even though they are physically not put behind bars, they are not free. They are slaves, labours. In other words, Lamination is actually a virtual prison.

One of the LaMBs is Eve - well actually, all female LaMBs are called Eve followed by a serial number. She was an ex-weapon specialist who accidentally took innocent lives before then sentenced to 200 years behind laminated suit. And then there is Jack, a scientist from another planet who is trying to cope with the death of his wife and drowning himself into work. Jack soon gets dragged in the political system of lamination and yep, a romance with Eve the LaMB.

.Animax LaMB.

This project has become very ambitious. You can tell from the ads they aired, and the website they made. The animation itself is planned to be aired in 2009.


I guess I'm an ads victim :-P. Well, you name it. But really I'm very excited with its progress. Will it be as extravagant as it advertised? We can only wait and see. Off the record, I think this LaMB thing has already captivated me and here I am, making this blog...

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... i thought i need to just check it out whether it's working or not... :D

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