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Jack + Eve

10:57 AM / Posted by dsy /

Been talking bout LaMB for quite sometime, let's take a closer look to the characters.

There are 4 characters have been introduced so far, 2 charas have been revealed while the other 2 remain mystery.

We have Jack:

  • Height: 185 cm
  • Professional Background: Scientist - Hortcouture Engineering (Hortcouture refers to Hortilculture and Haute Couture - Advanced Bio-Botanical Design)
  • Duty: restore vegetation to the dusty, red planet of Cerra
And then there is Eve the LaMB:
  • Real name: Major Sara Integra
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Professional Background: Military Scientist - Bio Weapons Division
  • Sentenced 200 years of imprisonment in a lamination suit for killing innocence people by mistake in a military operation.
It seems that Jack is Eve's Shepherd, judging from the Summertime music video performed by Click Five. Of course the relationship between them will grow from there.

LaMB - JackLaMB - Eve
Jack & Eve
will it be an impossible love between a Shepherd and his LaMB?

:: December 23, 2008 ::



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