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Silence Speaks [?], Barely Heard

12:57 PM / Posted by dsy /

  • LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn’t speak up or express yourself?

I'd say that nowadays people are more free to speak up and express themselves. When we have thoughts burried in our mind about anything - daily life, politics, gadgets, etc - not only we can speak them up freely, but also publish them. The era of blogging has made speaking up an easy task.

Being heard is another thing.

We can talk about the president and his policies, health insurance, starvation, movies, or maybe the latest netbook around... but are we being heard? All the stuff we are talking and screaming about... what impact can it give? Or in the end, it doesn't even matter?

Some people are lucky enough to have a position where they can speak and being listened. The people in the government, teachers, broadcasters, celebrities... are some of the people who have this privilege. Unfortunately, they often forget to use this opportunity to drive people to do good things, to spread good deeds. On the other hand, some people are desperate to be heard to the point they do extreme things.

Maybe it's not the talking that matters, it's the essence in it. And the efforts to make it being heard.

:: December 16, 2008 ::



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